Margot’s Boho Neutral Nursery Reveal

Sharing Margot’s sweet nursery and sharing my favorite neutral nursery ideas so you can have the nursery of your dreams!

modern white boho nursery with rattan side table and rocker

You guys, I am SO EXCITED to be sharing Margot’s nursery with you today!

I am so in love with how her sweet little modern boho space turned out and I thought I would share with you the best ways to bring a look very similar to your own space for your little one!

***All sources will be linked at the bottom of this post!

My Top Neutral Nursery Tips for a Space You’ll Love

White Is Not Boring

rattan sunburst mirror over white changing table

Some people may try to convince you that white for a nursery is a bad idea but this is simply not true!

Margot’s room has white walls and when I walk in here to feed, change, or just snuggle her, it feels anything but boring!

Remember your baby is the one with personality, so they are the ones that will bring that gorgeous space to life!

Use Textured Textiles

modern white boho nursery with rattan side table and rocker

Think curtains, pillows, blankets, rugs, etc.

I fell in love with these curtains and knew that they had to be a part of Margot’s room!

These elements like curtains and rugs can bring not only color into a neutral nursery space, but texture.

And texture creates warmth. Which means even if your walls are white, it won’t feel sterile and cold.

Don’t Forget Wall Art

white and tan neutral nursery with boho macrame art on the wall

Even if you’re only going to add one or two, don’t underestimate the power of simple art in your neutral space.

You can have something colorful or you can instead choose something more neutral that blends into the space but is still eye catching!

Wallpaper For A Fun Pop

white and tan moon wallpaper behind mint green crib in girl neutral nursery

Although our wallpaper that we chose for Margot’s room is neutral, it’s still fun and helps define the room, especially behind her crib. We absolutely love the wallpaper we got from Tempaper! Here’s a link to the exact paper we have.

And speaking of cribs…

Opt for a Colorful Crib

closeup of rainbow blanket hanging on mint crib in girl neutral nursery

I am over the MOON (no pun intended 😉) with Margot’s sweet little sage green crib.

It just makes my heart jump a little every time I walk in and see this; even more when I get to see her sweet grin in the mornings!

Keep Any Extra Furniture Neutral

rattan bookshelf in neutral girl nursery with picture frames and greenery

Aside from the crib, I would say a big tip to maintaining a fairly neutral nursery is to make sure that any furniture that’s *not* your crib stays neutral with wood tones or white.

That’s why when I wanted a bookshelf and side table in our reading corner, I decided to keep it neutral with rattan.

As always, any greenery can add a bit of life (even if it’s fake!)

Create Your Corner

closeup of white glider rocker in corner of neutral nursery for a girl with boho curtains

All mamas know what happens in this corner.

Endless feedings, snuggles, and reading time happens here.

That’s why you’re going to want to make sure you have a super cozy (but neutral) chair and a side table for things like extra pacifiers, a nightlight, or bottles.

That way you can use your 2 hands for holding on to that sweet little squishy baby.

Rattan and Wicker For The Win

white changing table with pampas grass in frame and moses basket on top

If you want to create a more boho look like we did, make sure you layer up with wicker and wood!

You can use something like this wicker basket we have top of Margot’s changing table.

I also love how the mirror and the pampas grass add layers and texture, while still keeping everything in the space very neutral. Then I can let her see how cute she is once I pick her up off the changing table and we can make silly faces together.

neutral nursery decor with pampas grass in neutral vase on changing table

The more I look at this space we created for Margot, the more I fall in love with it and fall in love with the idea of watching her get to grow up in it.

mint crib and rattan bookshelf in girl nursery

It’s been so much fun getting to know Margot as the newest member of our family and I can’t wait to see how this space grows and changes as she does!


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