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Rescuing My Hair With Pantene

April 19, 2019
rescuing my hair with Pantene rescue shots how to revive dry damaged hair how to protect your hair from the sun star swimsuit highwaist swimsuit pink swimsuit Pantene hair products

Happy Monday, friends! I wanted to share one of my new favorite hair products with you all! Last week, I returned home from an incredible trip in the Dominican Republic, but before I left I had some beauty prep to do…Part of my job as a blogger means styling my hair quite a bit. I noticed I had some dry and damaged areas, especially the ends. I’m sure we all could be more careful of how much product and heat we add to our hair, myself included! Because my trip was coming up soon, I needed something that would work fast. I used Pantene’s Pro-V Rescue Shot and noticed a huge difference after using it only once. They are meant for a single use and they for sure get the job done! My ends looked and felt softer, exactly what I needed for a beach trip!

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My ‘Day Date’ With Xtreme Xperience

April 12, 2019
couples day date xtreme xperience

Good morning! I couldn’t be more excited to tell you more about my recent ‘day date’ with Xtreme Xperience and share more behind the scene photos from our day. If you follow me on Instagram, you know Drew and I recently spent the day cashing in on his Valentine’s and birthday gift by driving Ferraris and Lamborghini’s around Charlotte Motor Speedway with Xtreme Xperience. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d get the opportunity to drive a supercar and ‘xperience’ a day like this and we had a BLAST.

I loved that it made for a unique day that Drew and I could take part in together, and I don’t think he realized how much fun he would have. We found ourselves talking about our day the entire ride home, cracking up at our videos and arguing about who went faster. 🙂 Spoiler alert – he beat me by 2mph (insert eye roll emoji). I received a ton of questions about our day, and wanted to make sure I took the time to break down all your questions for you in case you are interested in participating in your own Xtreme Xperience – it makes the best surprise gift for your boyfriend/husband/fiance!

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