Ultimate List of Holiday Gift Guides

Regardless of who is on your list, here are 26 gift guides with over 100 tried and true gifts that everyone can love on any budget!

It still feels crazy to me that it’s time to put together these gift guides for you!

This year has flown by!

Putting together holiday gift guides is one of my favorite things to do because I know with all the sales going on sometimes I get overwhelmed when it comes time to actually buy so this way you can narrow down the choices! I was very intentional about the gifts I chose for each guide. I made sure to carefully select gifts I’ve loved or others have loved receiving from me rather than throw a bunch of items together for you. Three weeks later, I have 16 curated gift guides to share with y’all. I hope you love them!

 For Him

holiday gift ideas for him graphic

Men are super hard to buy for, especially if yours is anything like mine where they either say they don’t want anything or when they want something, they never wait for a holiday and just buy it for themselves. Drew is also a minimalist, so these are items he’s loved for years or continues to repurchase over and over again.

For Baby

holiday gift ideas for babies

There is nothing like having a baby at Christmas. It’s just so magical.

Depending on the age of your little one, they may or may not be able to fully understand what’s going on, but you as the parent can which is what it’s all about anyway!

These are gifts Wyatt loved in the past and I’m planning to use for Margot, too!

For Toddler Girls

holiday gift ideas for toddler girl graphic

The sweetest years are when they’re still little enough to be super excited but also still get just as excited about boxes.

These gifts for toddler girls are so sweet and something your little one will surely love! Wyatt has loved and used all of these gifts over the past year!

For Toddler Boys

holiday gift ideas for toddler boy graphic

Sometimes your boys want to break all the things, right?

Boys are SO FUN and watching them grow and learn with some of these toys will be the highlight of your Christmas morning and the years to come!

I don’t have a little boy, but if I did, this is what I’d love on his list.

Side note: these gifts also work for little girls, too!

For Girls

holiday gift ideas for girls graphic

Our little girl is still little, but part of me can’t wait until she gets into some of these toys for older girls that give her a different kind of joy. I tried to pick fun, unique ones you wouldn’t otherwise think of!

For Boys

holiday gift ideas for boys graphic

Fine, I’ll say it – Boy toys are SO COOL! They have so many gadgets and things to build and to work their minds and hands at the same time.

Your boy will love these gifts too I’m sure.

For Parents

holiday gift ideas for parents

I tend to lean a bit more sentimental when it comes to gifts for parents and now that I am a parent, I totally get it!

Does this mean I’m old? Oh well! I love the idea of larger joint gifts or just something super special to my mama heart and your parents or family members will love these too!

For New Moms

holiday gift ideas for moms graphic

I remember those hazy days of being a new parent and I am so happy to be celebrating the new arrivals of my closest friends’ babies and speaking from experience, aside from a good night’s sleep, these are some crowd favorites those new mamas be sure to love!

Personalized Gifts

personalized holiday gift ideas graphic

You can’t get everyone a personalized gift, but in my opinion that’s what makes them so special.

Something about opening a gift that you know was made specifically for you just pulls on your heartstrings and these on this list are some of my favorite ones!

For a Coworker

holiday gift ideas for coworker graphic

These gift options are great for around the office or just generic gifts that still feel like you put some effort and thought into them.

Let’s be honest – who wouldn’t love to walk into the office and see one of the Stanley cups sitting on their desk? Even if they already have one, I can promise you having more than one is never a bad thing.

For Teachers

holiday gift ideas for teachers graphic

Whew, y’all these teachers – they deserve all the money in the world for the things they have to put up with day in and day out.

While we can’t necessarily give them all the raises they deserve, we can definitely give them some gifts to let them know how thankful we are for them around the holidays!

Stocking Stuffers

stocking stuffer gift ideas graphic

Stocking stuffers are my FAVORITE kind of gifts to give because you can pack a big punch in a small package!

I mean really, can you put a price on being able to measure your spaghetti right every single time? It’s genius!

White Elephant Gifts

white elephant holiday gift ideas graphic

White Elephant gifts can be SO much fun to buy.

Most of the time, you play White Elephant with close friends or family so being able to get a little funny and creative with the gifts can be really fun!

Toilet timer, anyone? Ha!

Top Rated Amazon

top rated holiday gift ideas from amazon

If you have someone who is just entirely too difficult to buy for, you can’t ever go wrong with thousands of other people who agree on some of the best things Amazon has to offer!

Amazon can be super overwhelming, but this list of items won’t miss!

My Wishlist

holiday gift ideas for her graphic

Last but not least, here’s what is on my wishlist for this year!

Just in case anyone ends up reading this and is needing some strong hints as to what I’m hoping shows up under the tree this year! 😉

I truly hope this list has helped you be able to find the perfect gift for you or someone on your list! Admittedly, I can be hard to buy for as well so if you’re like me and have a hard time thinking about what you’d like for yourself, maybe it won’t be so hard after reading this post.

Happy shopping!

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