Bailey and Katy Presets

Hi friends! I am SO excited to be sharing my newly released presets with you all! This has been something you’ve requested for a long time, and I’ve worked hard to perfect these presets so they’re the best they can be! I have no doubt you are going to love these and I can’t wait to see all your beautifully edited images.

I’ve partnered with my blogger bestie, Katy from to offer a bundle of our combined six presets, as well as individual packs that feature 3 presets from each of us. Included in your purchase will be your chosen presets as well as an information sheet that teaches you how to use presets in the free Lightroom app available from the Apple App Store.

I take most of my photos on my iPhone, so all of these presets work great on those types of images. You can also use them on DSLR images (professional), if preferred. Keep in mind, all photos differ based off lighting conditions, backgrounds, subjects in the image or time of day. You will likely need to make minor adjustments to these presets to make them perfect. I normally adjust exposure, orange saturation in colors for skin tone, and potentially white balance (temperature and tone).

If you have any trouble during the check out process, or have other questions that can’t be answered on this information sheet, please reach out to, and we’d love to help solve any issues you are having! Don’t forget to hashtag all your preset images with #baileyandkatypresets so we can share some of our favorites across stories! xoxo!

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The Daily Bailey

The Daily Preset is the edit I use most on my feed. It looks great on all images and gives colors the perfect amount of pop and saturation. It also helps smooth your skin and give the image a creamy overlay. This preset adjusts with auto white balance, so if you see it looks a little funny on a photo, try adjusting temperature and tone.

Cool & Icy

The Cool & Icy preset looks great on cooler toned images (not direct sunlight), or even nighttime images. It brightens your whites, leaves your images with an airy feel. It would look great on snowy vacation images or images with a lot of white.

Warm & Toasty

The Warm & Toasty preset is the ultimate Fall preset to make your feed look like a pumpkin and leaf paradise. I really wanted to create a preset that would accentuate the feeling of Fall, and I love how this one turned out for the season. This preset deepens oranges and yellows, giving your image a little bit of a vintage/antique feel. It looks best on images with lots of browns/caramels, oranges, yellows, but can also be placed on colorful images for a light mute/desaturation.

Bailey’s Presets

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Katy’s Presets

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The Bundle (Bailey’s + Katy’s Preset Packs)

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INSTALLATION. You will receive an email with a link to a .zip file containing DNG files (3 or 6 if you purchased the bundle) and a PDF installation guide. The steps are easy and simple for you to follow to download and install everything you’ll need! You MUST download the files on a laptop or desktop computer before transferring to a mobile device.

DISCLAIMER. All preset sales are final. Digital products can not be returned, no refunds are available. Presets and digital files cannot be resold or shared.  If you do not receive an email, please check spam before reaching out for assistance. Email for support.