Personal Styling

Personal Styling Services

Are you a mom trying to balance kids, work, cleaning the house and have no time to shop or buy new items for your wardrobe? Are you planning a trip or honeymoon and not sure what to pack? Did you recently change jobs and want to upgrade your closet? Are you a man who wants to add some suave to your work wardrobe? Do you always feel like you have nothing to wear or struggle finding clothing that makes you feel confident?

If this sounds like you, I’d love to work with you to help tailor your closet to your lifestyle needs and make you look and feel like your best self. As a fashion blogger, I have ample experience pairing outfits and finding wardrobes that fit for all different lifestyles. I’m up to date on all the current trends and know what styles fit best for a variety of body types. My hopes are to take all my experiences learned while blogging and share them with others to make them look and feel their best. See below for a list of styling appointments available.

Styling Appointments Available: 

Closet Clean Out – This is where I recommend all clients begin in the personal styling process. Not only does this appointment give me an idea of your current tastes/style, but I will spend time sorting through your closet and getting rid of outdated or unflattering clothing. At the end of the appointment you will have a fully organized closet and an idea of missing pieces and needed items for your wardrobe. What you can expect:

  • Bailey will help you by sorting through every item in your closet – from shirts to accessories to your favorite pair of jeans – and determine what items you need to keep, alter, donate or sell.
  • Once you two decide what stays and what goes, Bailey will help you pair existing items in your closet into new, fresh looks that you’ll love wearing again.
  • Next, Bailey will create a list of prioritized items that you need to update your closet, and maximize your current wardrobe. You can purchase these items over time as you see fit, and Bailey will continue to work in line with your lifestyle, and most importantly your budget.
  • Following your closet clean out, Bailey will take your unwanted items and donate them to your local charity.

In-Store or At-Home Styling Appointment – Whether you need a seasonal refresh or a complete overhaul of your closet, I would love to guide you through this process and help you purchase the clothing, shoes and accessory items you need. Depending on your preference, we can meet in-store where I will preselect items based off your budget for us to try on together, or I will pre-purchase and ship items to your home for an in-person try-on session at your house. At the end of the appointment, I will show you different ways to pair the new items you’ve decided to keep based off your lifestyle needs into a curated look book for you to reference at any time. All non-purchased items will be returned by me within 48 hours. 

Suitcase Packing for your Upcoming Trip – If you’re a bride planning your honeymoon or just have a trip coming up and not sure what to pack or dreading the process, I’d love to curate a suitcase for you full of all your outfit needs. Along with this service, I will provide a look book that details the many ways you can wear what is packed in your suitcase. 

Special Event Styling – Attending a wedding or formal event and not sure what to wear? I’d love to help you find the perfect look for your big event. The appointment will work similar to a styling appointment with the goal of selecting a look complete with shoes and accessories that makes you look and feel fabulous for your big day. 

Virtual Styling Services – If you are not local to Charlotte, but still have styling needs, I’d still love to work with you. We will schedule a Skype call where I can better understand your wardrobe needs and talk through any clothing troubles you have. Once we determine your needs, I can provide you with styling recommendations all via e-mail. Whether it is packing for a trip, an outfit for a specific event, or a complete seasonal wardrobe haul, I will send you my outfit suggestions, complete with shopping links so you can shop online and have everything you desire delivered to your doorstep.

Miscellaneous Service Consultation – In addition to fashion, I also love assisting my clients with their beauty and fitness wear needs. Let me know how I can help.