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Gift Guide for ME: My Christmas Wishlist

December 5, 2018
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I’ve been sharing gift guides for others lately, and it got me thinking, I’m not even sure what I want for my self for Christmas!? LOL. So, I thought it would be fun to do some holiday shopping for myself and pull together some of the gifts I’m asking for this year. Maybe it will give you some good ideas for yourself, too! I reallyyyy hope Santa is listening! 😉 I hope you enjoy this ‘gift guide for me,’ but really these gifts would be great for any gal on your list. Xoxo.

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The Gift Guide for Him

November 28, 2018
the gift guide for him gift guide for hubby what to buy for your boyfriend best holiday gifts for husband boyfriend fiancé best gifts for him 2018 Christmas gifts for him 2018

The most requested gift guide from you all is finally here! Today on the blog I’m sharing the gift guide for him, curated by both myself and Drew based off the last 7 Christmas holiday’s we’ve spent together. We’ve rounded up some of the favorite gifts he’s received over the year and why they’re his favorite. These gifts are great for any guy, whether they’re into sports, books, travel, photography or work. What do you think your boyfriend, husband, fiancé would like from this gift guide?

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Leather Briefcase //

Patagonia Hat //

Dopp Kit //

Socks //

Sunglasses //

Joggers //

Polaroid Camera //

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Whiskey Decanter Set //

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