About DWB

Welcome to Daily With Bailey! Established in 2015, DWB fashion and lifestyle blog first began under the name Here’s The Skinny. At it’s start, my blog was a work experiment to learn more about social media and brand partnerships and quickly developed into a passion project to share my love for style, beauty, travel and healthy living. In 2018, Here’s The Skinny made it’s official transition to Daily With Bailey, DWB, as the blog turned it’s focus towards more ‘a day in the life’ fashion and lifestyle content.

I always knew I wanted to create something special that I could pour my heart into and share with others. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would create a blog that people enjoyed visiting each day. I’ve learned so much through my relationships with other bloggers and brands, but what I’ve loved most is my ease of access in being able to connect with you all. You provide me the platform to seek out my dreams, and you are the continued inspiration I seek every day.

My hope is that through all of the look books, beauty tips, travel guides, and walks through life, you find something that inspires you along the way. Thank you for being a part of this journey. I look forward to seeing where it takes us.