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Thanks to Pantene for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own.

One of the most common requests I get is for me to share more about how I take care of my hair. I’ve been switching up my hair routine due to some lifestyle changes (i.e. caring for a newborn), so today I wanted to share the products I have been using lately to combat hair breakage and damage! As you guys know, I tend to style my hair often and use a lot of heat on my hair, causing dryness and split ends. In addition, I’ve been working out more often while trying to lose my extra pregnancy weight, and the tug and pull from wearing it up always leads to additional hair damage. 

Furthermore, having Wyatt has caused a lot of damage to my hair. After having Wyatt, I’ve been experiencing postpartum hair loss, so I’ve been on the hunt for products that could help me repair the damage that my hair has gone through over the past six-months. I have always been a fan of Pantene products, and I’ve tried several of their collections in the past, so I went on the hunt to find an affordable line that would help moisturize and repair my hair. Enter, the Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection.

Several of my friends had recommended the Pantene Miracle Rescue Collection, and having tried it, I’ve been amazed with my results so far. I love it because the collection is  easy to incorporate into my haircare routine. I’ve been using the Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment, Moisture Mix-In and Intense Rescue Shot, along with Pantene’s classic Repair & Protect shampoo. The deep conditioning treatment  is great for anyone who is trying to wait longer between washes because it provides a deep moisturizing treatment that I feel is better than similar treatmentsI’ve tried.

I also love that this collection repairs signs of damage compared to other expensive conditioning treatments. The Deep Conditioning Treatment and Intense Rescue Shot even work as well as a $60 treatment!  After using the Miracle Rescue products my hair feels, shinier, smoother and softer—which I am all about! You can shop the collection in-store and online at Walmart. 

After a year of quarantine and raising a newborn, I am #ReadyForMore fun and living life!! I’m sure so many of you guys feel the same! I feel confident that I’m ready to walk into spring and hopefully the end of quarantine (fingers crossed) knowing that I’m putting my best hair forward and leaving damage in the past! 

Thank YOU for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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