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I’m excited to finally share my baby registry with you and all things I registered for during this pregnancy. As many of you probably already know, I have been quite the procrastinator when it comes to accomplishing tasks related to this pregnancy, so it was so nice to have the convenience and assistance of buybuy BABY in creating my registry. I registered exclusively with them and easily found everything I needed for baby girl.


Having a baby during a worldwide pandemic has complicated a lot of things, but it made it especially difficult for researching baby products and deciding what to registry for.  I love that bubuy BABY carries every baby brand you could possibly need, and I love the many tools they have available for assisting first time moms with understanding products and what they’ll need for their baby. They truly took the guesswork (and the research) out of deciding what products I wanted to registry for, especially during a time like today when going in-store to touch and feel products isn’t as easy.

You can take a look at our baby registry HERE and see all the products we registered for. I found it extremely helpful to look at other friends’ registries to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, and I highly recommend you do the same. Overall, I can’t recommend buybuy BABY enough for your baby registry needs, and I wanted to share with you why we chose to use buybuy BABY as our exclusive registry provider. They truly made me feel empowered (and a whole lot less clueless) through the registry experience, and now I feel so much more comfortable navigating this next phase of motherhood.

  1. Registry Tools – buybuy BABY has an endless number of registry tools available to help with product decisions. As a first-time mom with no clue what I was doing, this was essential in helping me make the best decisions for my needs. One of my favorite features of the website is the registry tools section that includes registry favorites divided by category. It was so easy to register by category and sort by most popular product to make product decisions. In addition, I found the registry checklist tool essential for completing my registry and ensuring I didn’t forget anything I needed. You can easily click through each category and add things to your registry, and the registry checklist feature automatically ‘checks’ that item off your list to help you keep track.
  2. Availability of baby brands and products – I was very impressed with the range of baby brands and products available at buybuy BABY. They even carry luxury name brands like Uppababy, Copper Pearl, Peg Perego and Cybex. They truly carry everything I could possibly need, and I never felt like I was missing out on a product or baby brand due to exclusively registering with buybuy BABY.
  3. Ratings and reviews by customers – It was so helpful reading through other customers’ ratings and reviews on the buybuy BABY website. It helped me narrow down different brands and baby products based off the opinions of other experienced parents.
  4. Virtual Assistance during COVID – I was so thankful that buybuy Baby offered phone and online virtual assistance in choosing registry items while stores were closed due to COVID. I was able to chat through my registry needs and have products recommended to me and it truly gave me a peace of mind. I feel like they thought of everything when it came to combatting the difficulties faced during quarantine and COVID.
  5. Use of coupons for friends and family and price match promise – I love that buybuy BABY offers coupons to use towards most products on your registry. They’re relatively easy to come by either online or through mail, and even better they never expire. It was so nice being able to save up on these coupons over time, and then I handed them out to friends and family for a little extra discount off my registry items.
  6. Ease of online use in purchasing gifts and convenient store pickup – This feature was very important to me for my guests and friends that would purchase gifts from my registry. I wanted it to be convenient for them to search through products I registered for online, but also safe for them to receive the gifts without going in-store due to the virus.
  7. Ease of Tracking for Thank You Cards – I had both a small in-person baby shower as well as a virtual shower, so it was so nice to have this feature to keep track of gifting amongst all the mail-in gifts I received. People don’t always send cards or wrap gifts when coming directly from the store, so this really helped keep things organized when it came to writing my thank you cards.
  8. Completion discount – buybuy BABY offers a 15% off registry completion discount for all items you didn’t receive from friends and family, but you still need for your baby. I found there were still a lot of things that I needed to purchase for baby girl, larger items like my stroller and smaller items like butt cream. It was so nice to have the extra discount when there are a lot of expenses for a new baby.

Drew and I had the best experience registering with buybuy BABY and we can’t recommend them enough. We truly feel so much more prepared entering into parenthood, which gives this mama a huge peace of mind. Is there anything else that we don’t have on our list that you’d recommend we register for? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you to buybuy Baby for sponsoring this blog post. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank YOU for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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