Hamilton Princess Bermuda Hotel Review + Trip Guide

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Hi friends! Today I’m going to be sharing with you my hotel review of my stay at the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club in Bermuda. I had sooo many of you reach out to me prior to the trip to tell me how much you loved staying at this hotel. Now that I’ve visited, I totally get it! The hotel itself was absolutely stunning, the service was second to none, and the food was unreal (y’all know I’m a huge foodie, so that is super important to me!). I will no doubt be back, but wanted to make sure to share my experience with you all so you can visit, too!

I had never been to Bermuda before, but I heard amazing things about the destination. This year I decided to put the island at the top of my travel list, and I’m so glad I did. The island itself seems very ‘untouched’ in that the sands are bright white and the oceans are crystal blue. If I’m being honest, this is SO hard to find these days. Most of the Caribbean islands are totally overrun by tourists that their natural beauty has been stolen from them. NOT the case with Bermuda. It still feels very much like an untouched paradise.

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Bermuda is a British colony, so you’ll find lots of Brits visiting the island as well as cruise ships. In doing my research, I found that there are direct flights out of New York and Atlanta most days, and Charlotte on Saturdays. I visited the island during the week, so we flew through New York to get there and it was a superrr easy flight! Keep in mind, the island is right off the coast of North Carolina, so it does get a little chilly in the Winter. This island is best visited in the hot Summer months to take advantage of the beaches and summer activities.

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My Stay at the Hamilton Princess Bermuda

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I had the best time during my stay in Bermuda at the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club. It is a 5-star hotel located in Bermuda, a short drive from the airport. It’s known as the ‘Pink Princess,’ so you’ll see the hotel is painted pink (one of my favorite parts, of course)! As far was the property was concerned, the grounds were perfectly maintained and the rooms were very spacious and clean. The Hamilton Princess always has something going on from the list of amenities available to the entertainment options on the Summer Calendar.  I think what blew me away most during my stay was the level of service provided by the hotel staff. They were willing to accommodate any ask, and made their strongest effort to ensure we were enjoying our stay. I had never experienced that level of service in a hotel stay, and it really impressed me.

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Amenities + Things to Do

Although this trip was for work, I made my best effort to spend some time relaxing each day by the pool. My favorite pool to hang out during the day was the infinity pool because it had easy access to 1609 Bar and Restaurant and beautiful views overlooking the marina. It’s the perfect spot for a sunset cocktail, and I highly recommend their Bloody Mary – so good!

We also made to sure to visit the gym several times during our stay which was a very up-to-date facility and had plenty of cardio machines for all guests. Other amenities you can take advantage of on the property itself are the full-service spa, shopping row with lots of men’s and women’s boutiques, tennis and golf, kid’s club and Watersport activities.

One of my favorite parts about the hotel was their art collection, which honestly blew me away. They’ve made a strong effort to invest in lots of pop art and famous works across the years. I forget the name of the artist, but my favorite piece was the blow up balloon dog located in the Fairmont Gold room. They even had art by Andy Warhol. It’s a very impressive collection, and I loved touring the property in search of the next amazing piece of art I would find. Also – if you are considering making the extra investment in Fairmont Gold, I would highly recommend it. We loved having this amenity during our trip. It’s club members access that offers breakfast and the mornings and appetizers and drinks throughout the day. It was so convenient, especially during times in which the restaurants were closed and in transition for the next meal. It definitely paid for itself and was one of my favorite parts of our stay.

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The Hamilton Princess Bermuda Beach Club

I highly recommend you visit the Hamilton Princess Bermuda Beach Club during your stay. It’s only a short drive from the hotel, and it’s a beautiful beach complete with a full-service restaurant and bar. We made a point to spend a day here during our trip, and it was probably my favorite day of the trip. We went swimming, spent some time relaxing, had lunch at the restaurant, enjoyed a couple of drinks and Katy and Jess even went on a kayaking trip around the bay. They were able to get amazing photos with a view from the top of the small mountain. Don’t be afraid to explore! Also – the pink sand beaches are nearby as well!

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Where to Eat: Hamilton Princess Bermuda

When you stay at the Hamilton Princess, I HIGHLY recommend you eat at least one dinner at Marcus’s, maybe even two. Y’all the dinner was so good I can’t even handle it. We tried almost everything on the menu and item was out of this world, packed with flavor and variety. The menu is crafted by a world-renowned chef and includes items such as buttermilk cauliflower and Fish Chowder Bites. I love that there was a small plates section that allowed you to try a bunch of items. Make sure to enjoy a couple of cocktails while you’re there, they were the best cocktails I had the entire trip!

I wanted to mention that the hotel offers free shuttle service to the nearby town as well as their beach club (about 20-25 minutes away). We wanted to make sure to explore the island above and beyond the hotel property itself, so we definitely took advantage of the shuttle service. It was so convenient! I’ll talk more about the beach club next, but wanted to give a quick mention to the nearby town. There are always lots of activities going on in the town, including a local market and tons of yummy restaurants. On our last night we went out to dinner at a local sushi spot called Pearl, and it was seriously some of the yummiest sushi I’ve had. Super fresh and definitely locally sourced. Highly recommend during your next stay to Bermuda! Below is a photo of one of the side streets in the town, how cute!

Overall, I can’t recommend this hotel enough. We had the best time and will no doubt be back to visit. If you have any questions that I haven’t covered in this review, please e-mail me at bailey@dailywithbailey.com. Thanks for reading!

Hamilton princess bermuda hotel and beach club

A special thanks to the Hamilton Princess Bermuda for sponsoring my stay. As always all opinions are my own. Thank YOU for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.

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