Announcing My April Story Series

Goodbye March, Hello April!

I have some very exciting news and content to share with you guys! I am launching an Instagram story series for the entire month of April (not an April fool’s joke!)

Each day of the week, Monday through Friday, is a different category of content. I’ll be sharing just about anything you can think of: clothes, makeup, fitness, travel, home décor, my favorite places, and things I’m loving! Some days will be video, other days will be graphics, or just me sitting down and having a chat with you!

Each day and category is listed below! Be sure to leave me comment with anything you’d like me to share, or if this is something you’d like to see more of throughout the year!

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Monday: In Case You Missed It Monday

Monday stories will be everything that you might have missed from the past week: Instagram posts, blog posts, any trips I went on, try on hauls, or anything other content I previously shared with you all! I will also be sharing the most popular item I posted as well as the most purchased item from the past week. 

Tuesday: Tuesday Ten

Tuesday stories will vary, but will always be my top ten! Top ten places, products, tips, must haves, or my favorites. Each week will be pretty different so make sure to look out for Tuesday stories!

Wednesday: Work Wednesday

Wednesday will be Workwear and Workouts! Two of the biggest categories you all request more of from me. Workwear will be more on the professional and functional side of fashion. I wanted to share some work outfits and accessories for all my girl bosses out there! I’ll also be sharing some of my favorite workouts, fitness, health tips, and workout clothes.

Thursday: Try-On Thursday

I’ll be posting my try-on hauls on Thursdays! Items from boutiques, amazing amazon finds, items I wore on different trips, or just some of my favorites finds and staple items!

Friday: Friday Five

Friday Five will be pretty similar to Tuesday stories, but with only five items and more in depth. Content will also vary each week, but will usually be a video. Just me sharing my thoughts with you! So make sure to get comfortable have a snack or some coffee for Fridays!

I’m so excited to share more of my life with you all and can’t wait for you to follow along! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: @baileyschwartz to check out all the daily content! Let’s do this April!

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