The Gift Guide for Him

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The Gift Guide for Him

The most requested gift guide from you all is finally here! Today on the blog I’m sharing the gift guide for him, curated by both myself and Drew based off the last 7 Christmas holiday’s we’ve spent together. We’ve rounded up some of the favorite gifts he’s received over the year and why they’re his favorite. These gifts are great for any guy, whether they’re into sports, books, travel, photography or work. What do you think your boyfriend, husband, fiancé would like from this gift guide?

Leather Briefcase // This was one of the first gifts I got for Drew for the holidays. He still uses it to this very day. He personally prefers the top zipper style as opposed to the briefcase messenger bag.

Patagonia Hat // Drew always gets a different style of this hat each year for Christmas and he loves them. They’re trendy but he also says they fit really well.

Dopp Kit // This is a great gift for any guy whether he travels or not. Let’s be honest, no guy thinks to organize his toiletries nor are they going to buy something that allows them to do so, so they would love for something like this to be gifted to them.

Socks // I know this seem like an odd gift, but Drew is ravinggg about these socks. He says all the athletes are wearing them and they come in really cool colors. Thinking about getting him a couple pairs as stocking stuffers this year.

Sunglasses // Another one of Drew’s favorite gifts I’ve gotten him. These sunglasses are hand crafted, and Drew loves how trendy/edgy they are. Unfortunately he lost his pair this year, so he’s in the market for some new ones.

Joggers // Drew loves joggers. He always says he wishes men could wear leggings like women do, so this is his version of our legging, lol! You can’t go wrong with this gift. Drew also really loves the Lululemon ABC jogger.

Polaroid Camera // Drew begged for this gift for Christmas one year, and he finally got his from his mom because I wasn’t sure how practical it was. He lovesss it. Brings it on a trips and everything. He loves the vintage feel of a photography momento in a polaroid image.

Sneakers // Another item that is super trendy this year, and I love that they’re an affordable sneaker for men. They come in a ton of colors and they’re claimed to be one of the most comfortable shoes for men. Thinking about getting Drew a pair of these this year as well.

Yeti Cup // A gift that is great for any guy. Yeti keeps your drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Drew uses this cup for coffee in the morning and cold water on the golf course and he absolutely loves it.

Whiskey Decanter Set // Drew has recently gotten in to tasting whiskey and loves sharing it with friends/family when hosting. If your husband/fiance/boyfriend is also an aficionado I highly recommend you get them a personalized decanter set. Such a thoughtful gift.

Duffel Bag // This duffel is a great bag for weekend trips. Drew even uses it as a carry on for airplane travel. It’s a really trendy brand and conveniently sized. Another one of Drew’s favorite gifts that he even bought the backpack version.

I hope you all enjoyed and found something special for your significant other! Drew mentioned he would love to put together a gift guide for the golfer. Would that be something you’re interested in? Drew is obsessed with golf, and he is constantly online shopping all the latest gear. I told him yes simply because I need to know what to get him, lol! But let me know if that would be helpful to you as well! Xoxo.

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