28 Things You May Not Know About Me on My 28th Birthday (as told by Drew)

28 things you may not know about me on my 28th birthday @baileyschwartz get to know me getting to know bailey schwartz

In honor of her 28th birthday, here are 28 things you may not know about Bailey – described by me, her favorite photographer (and husband) J These are a list of some of her favorite things, personality traits, and hidden talents (or lack thereof) from my perspective, which means this post is 100% factual.

  1. If Bailey knew she’d die tomorrow, her final meal would be BBQ with a side of Mac and cheese. Very rare for us to go to a small plate style dinner that has Mac and cheese on the menu and end up not ordering it (I don’t put up much of a fight on that one).
  2. Is Bailey a Beach girl or a Lake girl? Although my parents live on a lake and we spend most summer weekends that we are not traveling on the lake – Bailey is no doubt a beach girl. Something about the sand and waves puts her in her element – her happy place.
  3. TV show binge-watcher: Bailey can binge watch TV shows with the best of them. Not unusual for me to come back from work to find her with the iPad 5 inches from her face into a show. For joint shows, I frustrate her because I don’t have the endurance for more than 2 episodes at a time.
  4. International woman of mystery: When we travel, people always assume Bailey is a local. People in Turkey, Greece, France, and Brazil have all assumed she was from their country. Everyone pretty quickly assumes I’m American – so I usually give her away or she’s required to take the conversation past “Hello, how are you?”
  5. Go to dance move: Bailey and I found love on a dance floor (see #11) and I know Bailey is getting into a party or song when she drops it down to her three quarter squat wobble with a hair flip move. Its not like a 1990s NBA cheerleader hair flip, more subtle, but the move may be a product of her cheerleading days. Don’t let my description deter, it’s a good move and she’s a great dancer.
  6. What is Bailey’s drug of choice? Purses and shoes – you probably could have guessed this one, but if you want to see what an actual drug addict looks like (think big eyes, shaking), watch Bailey walk into a Chanel or Valentino store.
  7. If Bailey did not work in interior design and fashion/lifestyle blogging what would she do? If Bailey could do it all over again, she would probably be a Veterinarian (see #19) and still blog on the side.
  8. Fitness fanatic: Aside from our faith (see #20), exercise and fitness has probably been the biggest constant in our relationship of almost 6 years. Bailey regularly does treadmill/elliptical, yoga classes, barre style classes, and HIIT style classes.
  9. The hidden talent she should keep to herself: Let’s just unapologetically say it, Bailey cannot sing. Great dancer, but let’s just say the lyrics are best left to the vocalist.
  10. Comic hero geek: Bailey loves going to the comic book movies like Batman, Spiderman, the Avengers etc. I’m a big James Bond fan so we see our fair share of the good guy, bad guy movies.
  11. How she met her Knight in shining armor? We were in the grocery store, in the yogurt aisle and I saw something drop from her cart, we both reached down at the same time to get it and bumped heads – it was love at first sight. Kidding – that is how Bailey wishes we met J. We really met at a “classy” bar in uptown Charlotte – we recall the DJ bumping Rihanna for one of our first songs. Its funny how many people we tell the story to also say they met at a bar or frat party – so it you’re single, and looking – Mr. Right might be out at the bar.
  12. Bailey’s Tattoo: You may have spotted it in a photo, but Bailey has one tattoo. It’s on the inner arch of her foot, it’s a copy of her dad’s signature that she got from an old check after he passed away. I never got to meet her dad but wish I could have, everyone says he was an awesome guy. I think the tattoo looks cool and is really cool way to remember him.
  13. What decade would Bailey go back and live in? She loves and would live in the 1920s, because she loved the flapper “Great Gatsby” style of the time.
  14. What is Bailey scared of? Bailey will scream like she got her arm cut off if she sees a cockroach, small bug, spider, or even just walks into a web. I also discovered she was scared of heights on our Greece trip when we were walking up some steep stairs on the side of a cliff in Santorini.
  15. Night owl or early bird? Bailey is definitely a night worker, she likes to stay up late and does her best work late into the night, and thus she is not the most pleasant in the morning J Nothing a cup of coffee and her early bird husband cannot solve.
  16. Favorite type of music: Bailey and I both like a wide array of music and artists, but she’ll start really jamming in a car when her old 1990s teenager rock music comes on: Aerosmith, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Pearl Jam.
  17. Sports fan: Bailey and I both grew up Carolina Panthers fans, we are most loyal to them. She also cheers for Wake Forest (she cheered and graduated from there), the UNC Tarheels when they don’t play Wake Forest (since I went there), and Hendrick Motorsports teams in NASCAR (she used to work for them and has family ties to the team). Also worthnoting even though she doesn’t particularly like it – she does most of her blogging/online shopping with Golf on in the background – thanks to yours truly.
  18. What’s Bailey’s preference when it comes to men’s fashion? You’ve obviously gotten a good sense of Bailey’s personal style, but what does she like her man to wear? Her preference is somewhat traditional – she likes the button up and navy blazer look (no tie), and also prefers the clean shaven look. Every November she turns down my request to grow a beard…
  19. “Is it time yet?” Bailey’s question to the waiter at Sunday brunches – she’s ready for her Bloody Mary or Spicy Marg – her too favorite cocktails.
  20. Small town girl: Bailey was born and raised in Harrisburg, NC – a small town just north of Charlotte. I grew up in Weddington, NC – a small town just south of Charlotte. Even though we were both born and raised in the Charlotte area we did not meet until after college.
  21. Animal lover: Bailey cannot resist stopping and petting a cute random dog and then talking with the owner about our children (dogs) Henry and Lola. I was not much of a pet person before I met Bailey (and Lola). Let’s just say if Bailey had to choose between Henry and Lola (our dogs) and me, I’d be packing.
  22. Bailey’s faith: Bailey and I were both raised in strong Christian households. Our faith is central to our relationship – we always try to choose love and compassion, above all else.
  23. Family dynamics: Bailey is the middle child of three, she has an older sister and a much younger brother – she suffers from the all too common middle child syndrome, where she has a constant FOMO (Fear of missing out).
  24. Dessert connoisseur: Bailey is a crème brulee queen – her favorite dessert. If the restaurant has it – she’s getting it and she’ll critic it from the crunch of the outer shell, to the flavor and temperature of the inner crème.
  25. Competitive streak: Bailey is without a doubt the most competitive person you’ll ever come across. I thought I was bad when it came to being competitive, but Bailey absolutely HATES (and I don’t usually don’t like to use the word “hate”) losing.
  26. Coyote Ugly moment: Bailey has always had a strange, specific fantasy – she has always wanted to dance on a bar (in a classy way I am sure) to the song “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” She hasn’t had the opportunity present itself yet, but I hope I am in the bar when it does happen.
  27. Favorite dinner ever: Bailey’s favorite dinner ever was while visiting Eze in the South of France at Chevre D’ Or. It’s a beatiful cliff side restaurant overlooking the sea with amazing French food. Click Here to read the post about our trip to France.
  28. Master’s degree: Many may not know but Bailey has a MBA degree and was actually top of her class. More impressively, she did the last year and half of school while working and dating me – I was not the best influence on study time.

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