Beauty Tutorial: How to Curl Your Hair with a Straightener

Today I am sharing a fun beauty tutorial with you all that shows you how to curl your hair with a straightener. Anytime I mention that I use a straightener to curl my hair, everyone seems so perplexed and I end up getting a ton of questions. After all, a straightener is used to straighten your hair, not curl it, right? Believe it or not, I actually prefer using a straightener over a wand or curling iron to curl my hair. It creates the perfect wave, and I think it causes less heat damage, keeping my hair shiny and healthy.

Using a straightener rather than a curling wand or iron allows you to get looser, beachy waves because you aren’t using a barrel to wrap your hair. I love using this styling method when I’m going for more of an undone, messy hair style like in warmer months. Since this hair tutorial takes all of about 10 minutes, I generally find myself doing this style when I’m running behind during the week and I need to get out of the door quickly. I’m hoping you enjoy this beauty tutorial and it finally helps clear up the confusion of how to curl your hair with a straighter.

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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