Gift Guide for The Frenchie Mom

December 21, 2016

French Bulldog Clutch // French Bulldog Utensil Holder // French Bulldog Lamp // French Bulldog PJs // French Bulldog Heart Phone Case // French Bulldog Phone Case // French Bulldog Socks // French Bulldog Children’s Book // French Bulldog Coffee Mug // French Bulldog Cheese Board // French Bulldog Tape Dispenser // French Bulldog Art // French Bulldog Gift Wrap // French Bulldog Tote // French Bulldog Door Mat // French Bulldog Bookends

Raise your hand if you consider your dog your child? (me, me, me). If you haven’t met Lola and Henry yet, either through my social channels or blog (see photos below). They are my french bulldog babies that are regularly a hugeeee part of my life, and I always love sharing silly stories about them. It’s only appropriate that they get their own gift guide dedicated solely to them, right?

I’m definitely one of those crazy dog parents that seeks out anything and everything related to their breed of dog. I’ve been excited while gift shopping lately because there is SO much gear dedicated to french bulldogs. They’re becoming a bit of a trend when it comes to pets, so I thought I’d share with you all my great frenchie finds in case you have a frenchie mom in your life you’re searching to buy gifts for. If not, I at least hope this gift guide puts a smile on your face because some of the items are too clever! I even found a cheese board and gift wrap! I must not be the only one crazy about my frenchie!

You can still get many of these items before Christmas with 2-day shipping, so hurry if you still have gifts left to buy on your list.

Hope you have a happy hump day!

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